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13 Days Until Christmas, Only 5 days to order for Christmas!

Posted by Tillie Moon on

Every year Christmas seems to come more and more quickly.  The holiday season is such a treasure that perhaps it is just that we want more time to savor it.  The merry and generous spirit that it evokes, the happy excuse to cook and bake, the decorations with so many lights, the anticipation of celebrating with family and friends, and reflecting on the birth of Christ Jesus.  No matter how rushed and busy we all are there really is no way of denying that the Christmas season is magical.  

We thank all of our friends and family (and those who have found our book to date) for choosing Memoirs of a Delicious Life as a gift to themselves or their loved ones this holiday season.  We truly hope that you enjoy the stories and the recipes.

We received our book from the printer on November 7th, 2015.  Today, 5 weeks later, we are feeling blessed that we have exceeded our goal of selling 150 books before this Christmas.  This may seem like a small number, but considering we are doing all our own marketing, promotion and sales and we literally learning as we go...this seems to us like we have had some success!  

For those who are considering an order.  Please remember that in order to receive your book by Christmas you need to order by December 16 at noon.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!

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